Nwewnan Sasaang


Vision: Wii-maadziimgak enweying (to have our language live)

Mission: Anishinaabe Mino Bimaadiziwin

To live the Good Life enriched in language & culture. To develop and deliver Indigenous Educational Programming where children will discover the world through a culturally and age-level appropriate curriculum based on Anishinaabe Aadiziwin (Anishinaabe Ways of Knowing & Doing) educational philosophy in a safe and secure environment.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Anishinaabemowin (Speaking) – our original way of speaking, our way of processing and expressing thought. It is our way of communicating with Creation, with the spirit and with one another.
  2. Anishinaabe Enaadiziwin (Behaving) – our behaviour, our values, and our way of living our life, and being Anishinaabe in the fullest sense. It is the development of the highest quality of Anishinaabe personhood, connected to the earth and in relationship to all creation.
  3. Anishinaabe Enendamowin (Thinking) – our way of thinking, our beliefs, and our way of perceiving and of formulating thought. It is the foundation of our Anishinaabe philosophy and worldview.
  4. Anishinaabe Gikendaasowin (Knowing) – our knowledge and way of knowing. It is the knowledge of our origins, way of life, way of being and world view.
  5. Anishinaabe Ezhichigewin (Doing) – our Anishinaabe way of doing things. It is our way of taking action and the life skills we need as Anishinaabe to live effectively in the world and contribute to building quality of living and quality of community.
  6. Anishinaabe Enawendiwin (Relating to the Spirit/Creation) – our way of relating to each other and to all of Creation. It is an all-inclusive relationship that honours the interconnectedness of all our relations and recognizes and honours the human place and responsibility within the family of Creation.
  7. Gidakiiminaan (Responsibility to the Land) – our connection and relationship to our land and the total experience of connecting to and relating to the Earth and the environment. This connection is the primary shaper of Anishinaabe identity, and it is this total relationship with Creation that informs our environmental ethic.


  1. Create a supportive environment where children and their families develop the ability to communicate effectively in the Anishinaabe language, understand and appreciate Anishinaabe culture and values and participate confidently in contemporary Anishinaabe society, and
  2. Execute a program that ensures kindergarten readiness in areas of age-appropriate social, intellectual, and perceptual motor skills.


Annual awareness and fundraising events planned for National Indigenous Peoople's Day - June 21, 2021.

More to come.

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