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About Us

Nwewnan Sasaang references language nest (Literal meaning: Sounds from the nest), and just as young fledglings are fed directly from the mouths of their mothers, Anishinaabe language is fed into the ears of our 2 to 5 year old children from the mouths of the Anishinaabe language speakers around them. From the moment Nwewnan Sasaang Bemaadzijig (family) enters preschool, they are immersed in a rich and stimulating gidkaamig (environment) where all must observe the "Anishinaabemowin eta" of "Anishinaabe language only." The observance of the "Anishinaabemowin eta" helps families and their children learn Anishinaabe quickly. The daily routine starts with a circle in the morning, with singing, stories, exercise, and cultural activities, to free playtime, to a structured lesson featuring activities such as pre-math skills, to outdoor play, lunch, nap time, snack time and more story time in the afternoon. New preschoolers learn simple phrases, sentences, and songs with the help of fluent kinomaagejig (teachers) and older classmates. Many, if not all, Nwewnan Sasaang preschoolers are able to speak Anishinaaabe within three or four months.

The Nwewnan Sasaang indoor learning environment is a warm, nurturing place that value and stimulate young minds to prepare them for lifelong learning. Children will discover the world through a culturally and age-level appropriate curriculum based on Anishinaabe Aadiziwin educational philosophy in a safe and secure environment. Our approach to education is through a family-based model. Parents participate in Anishinaabemowin weekly language and culture classes held at the school site, Anishinaabeg family days, and "Biinchigedaa" giving back to their school by providing support ensuring the children have clean and safe facility and playground.

Nwewnan Sasaang operates Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Parents are encouraged to participate and provide in-kind services.

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